2019 Season Results:


2018 Season Results:

Race Date Time Place

Pucon 70.3 January 14th 3:48:44 1st place

OCEANSIDE 70.3 APRIL 7TH 3:48:58 2nd place

St. George 70.3  May 6th  3:41:11  1st place

Challenge Samorin Championship June 3rd 3:43:28 1st place

Mt Tremblant 70.3 June 24th 3:40:58 1st place

IRONMAN MONT TREMBLANT august 19th 8:24:01 2nd place

Ironman world championships october 13 8:30:34 30th place

Indian Wells 70.3 December 9th 3:45:59 1st Place


2017 Season Results:

Race Date Time Place

Pucon 70.3 January 15th 4:00:08 1st place

Buenos Aires 70.3 March 12th 3:42:47 1ST Place

Oceanside 70.3  April 1nd  3:50:04 1st Place

St. George 70.3  May 6th  3:42:41  2ND place

Challenge Samorin Championship June 3rd 3:40:03 1st place

Mt Tremblant 70.3 70.3 June 25th 3:46:04 1st place

ITU Long Course Worlds Penticton august 27th 5:20:36 1st place

Ironman world championships october 14 8:04:07 2nd place

Ironman Arizona november 19th 7:54:10 1st place


2016 Season Results:

Race Date Time Place

Panama 70.3 January 31st  3:38:53 1st place

Oceanside 70.3  April 2nd  3:51:17 1st Place

Texas 70.3  April 10th  3:40:30  1st place

St. George 70.3  May 7th  3:48:18  1st place

Mont Tremblant 70.3  June 26th  3:47:31  1st place

Racine 70.3  July 17th 2:20:57  2nd place

Wiesbaden 70.3  August 14th  4:00:23 2nd

70.3 World Championship  September 4th 3:47:14 9th Place

Ironman World Championship October 8th 8:44:49 29th Place

Island House Invitational October 28, 29, 30th 3:41:18 10th Place

Ironman Arizona November 20th 7:44:29 1st Place

2015 Season Results:

Race Date Time Place

Oceanside 70.3 March 28th 3:49:19 3rd Place

Loaring 10K April 19th 31:09 1st Place

Galveston 70.3 April 26th 3:45:39 1st Place

Ironhawk Duathlon May 9th 52:14 1st Place

Ironman Texas May 16th 8:24:54 4th Place

Moon In June 10K June 13th 32:25 1st Place

Leamington Sprint Tri June 14th 54:43 1st Place

Mont Tremblant 70.3 June 21st 3:45:38 1st Place

Muskoka 70.3 July 5th 4:02:54 1st Place

Racine 70.3 July 19th 3:49:41 1st Place

RFC Half-marathon July 26th 1:18:44 1st Place

Tecumseh Triathlon Aug 9th 1:16:35 1st Place

Ironman Mont Tremblant Aug 16th 8:42:13 5th Place

Farm Dog 25K TT Sept 1st 30:49 1st Place

Ironman World Championship Oct 10th 8:36:26 14th Place

Ironman Arizona Nov 15th 7:58:22 1st Place


2014 Season Results:

Race Date Time Place

Ontario Indoor Champs Feb 1st N/A 3rd Place

AZ Classic Half-Marathon Mar 23rd 1:11:46 3rd Place

Texas 70.3 April 6th 3:56:19 10th Place

St. George 70.3 May 3rd 3:55:07 18th Place

Ontario Sprint Du Champs May 10th 56:00 1st Place

Woodstock Sprint May 25th 57:33 1st Place

Raleigh 70.3 June 1st 3:52:47 2nd  Place

Binbrook Long-Sprint June 7th 1:19:39 1st Place

Syracuse 70.3 June 22nd 3:55:43 2nd Place

Ontario Sprint Tri Champs July 6th 58:15 1st Place

Muncie 70.3 July 12th 3:42:48 1st Place

Racine 70.3 July 20th 3:45:55 1st Place

Bala Falls Long-Sprint July 27th 1:18:26 1st Place

Steelhead 70.3 Aug 10th 3:46:13 1st Place

Dundas Cactus 10k Aug 17th 31:22 1st Place

70.3 World Championship Sept 7th 3:46:03 4th Place

Lakeside Sprint Sept 13th 56:20 1st Place

Ontario Long Course Champs Sept 21st 3:44:55 1st Place

Ironman Florida November 1st 6:58:46 1st Place


2013 Season Results:

Race Date Time Placing

Chilly Half-Marathon March 3rd 1:07:58 1st Place

Around the Bay 30k March 24th 1:36:53 3rd Place

Jordan 5k April 6th 14:55 1st Place

Mercedes Benz 10k April 21st 30:53 1st Place

Limestone City Half-Marathon April 28th 1:07:52 1st Place

Mississauga Half-Marathon May 5th 1:06:30 1st Place

IronHawk Duathlon (5k-30k-5k) May 11th 1:20:37 1st Place

Caledon Sprint (400m-15k-5k) May 26th 49:49 1st Place

Ontario Duathlon Champs (10k-40k-5k) June 2nd 1:44:09 1st Place

MSC Binbook (750m-30k-7.5k) June 8th 1:20:27 1st Place

Ontario Sprint Tri Champs (750m-20k-5k) June 16th 57:21 1st Place

MSC Welland (750m-30k-7.5k) June 22nd 1:19:08 1st Place

MSC Huronia (1500m-40k-10k) July 6th 1:58:48 1st Place

MSC Gravenhurst (1500m-40k-10k) July 13th 1:59:02 1st Place

Canadian AG Nat. Champs (1500m-40k-10k) July 21st 1:50:54 1st Place

Windsor Triathlon (800m-32k-6k) August 11th 1:14:40 1st Place

Rock the Road 10k August 18th 30:48 2nd Place

Muskoka Ironman 70.3 (2000m-94k-21.1k) September 8th 4:01:20 1st Place


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