2016 By the Numbers

I pulled all of these numbers off of my TrainingPeaks account. My season ran from December 7th 2015 to November 20th 2016. It should be noted that some of these numbers will be skewed downwards, particularly the weekly averages. TrainingPeaks operates on a Monday-Sunday week, but a lot of my training weeks did not fall this way. Regardless, it gives you a good picture of what I did this year: Total swim distance: 989927m

Total swim time: 286 hours 8 minutes

Average swim pace for year: 1:44min/100m

Average daily swim distance: 2829m

Highest daily swim mileage: 7000m


Total run distance: 4109km

Total run time: 265 hours 23 minutes

Average run pace for year: 3:52min/km

Average weekly run distance: 82.2km

Highest weekly run mileage: 138km

Highest daily run mileage: 42.2km


Total bike time: 397 hours 52 minutes

Average daily bike time: 1 hour 8 minutes

Highest weekly bike duration: 14 hours 3 minutes

Longest daily bike duration: 5 hours


Average weekly training duration: 19 hours 1 minute

Highest weekly training duration: 29 hours 27 minutes

Total number of complete off days: 52



Below is what the training intensity distribution looked like on the bike. Zone 1 is 0-215w. Zone 2 is 216-275w. Zone 3 is 276-340w. Zone 4 is 341-390w. Zone 5 is 391-420w. Zone 6 is 421-550w. Zone 7 is 551w+. I log all of my run training by hand as I do most of it on the treadmill, but I am confident the run intensity distribution would look similar.


This training produced these results in order:

1st Panama 70.3 (Pan American Championship)

1st Oceanside 70.3

1st Texas 70.3

1st St. George 70.3 (North American Championship)

1st Mont Tremblant 70.3

2nd Racine 70.3

2nd Wiesbaden 70.3 (European Championship)

9th 70.3 World Championship

29th Ironman World Championship

10th Island House Invitational Triathlon

1st Ironman Arizona

The highlight of the year for me: St. George 70.3. Jan Frodeno handed me my ass here in 2014. I was miserable for days after but eventually saw the light and changed my attitude and orientation towards the sport for the better. The lessons learned in that race have formed the basis of every race since then. It was deeply satisfying to go back there and redeem myself.

St. George Finish

Thanks for reading and following along this year. Enjoy the holidays!