IMAZ '16 Analysis Part 1

For those reading who I do not have on Facebook, I would first like to repost my initial thoughts from there: Just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone for their cheers and support. I did Ironman Louisville back in 2010 in 10:14:31. I couldn't fathom going a second faster. Yesterday I had a lifetime best swim, bike and run, and was able to cross the finish in 7:44:29, a little over 2.5 hours faster than my race six years ago. If there is anything you take away from this performance I hope it is that ANYTHING is possible if you cultivate a love and passion for what you are doing, and you are willing to persevere through the adversity that you are bound to encounter.

I will start off my Ironman Arizona analysis in the same way I did my Kona ‘16 analysis. You can read that first Kona post HERE. Below you will find my updated top 10 run and bike mileage lists. I think it is also important to note that in the 5 weeks after Kona I did three 7 hour training days, which consisted of a 1 hour swim, 5 hour bike ride and 1 hour run off the bike. I also participated in the three day stage race called the Island House Triathlon from October 28-30th.

My 10 longest runs in the last six months:

November 11th: 30.2km at 3:50/km

November 9th: 35.4km at 3:50/km

November 7th: 30.2km at 3:52/km

November 4th: 30.2km at 3:54/km

November 2nd: 40km at 3:57/km

October 23rd: 24.1km at 3:55/km

October 21st: 35km at 4:04/km

October 19th: 26.2km at 3:52/km

October 14th: 30km at 4:18/km

October 8th: 42.2km at 4:44/km

My 10 longest rides in the last six months:

November 12th: 5 hours at 261w

November 10th: 2 hours 45 minutes at 311w

November 8th: 3 hours at 303w

November 5th: 5 hours at 255w

October 24th: 4 hours at 255w

October 17th: 5 hours at 231w

October 8th: 4 hours 25 minutes at 299w

September 25th: 4 hours at 255w

September 14th: 2 hours 35 minutes at 261w

July 27th: 4 hours 2 minutes at 271w

In my next post I will give my thoughts on the race and how it unfolded, and then I will follow that with a post on my conclusions, training recommendations, and plan moving forward.