Oceanside 70.3 By the Numbers

After Panama 70.3 I took five days very easy, a few of which were off. I recommenced training for Oceanside 70.3 on February 6th. Here are the numbers that led to that performance, not including the race itself: Total training days: 56

Total swim distance in meters: 219482

Daily swim average in meters: 3919

Total days off swimming: 8

Total bike time in hours and minutes: 75:17

Daily bike average in hours and minutes: 1:20

Total days off biking: 6

Total run distance in kilometers: 749

Daily run average in kilometers: 13.4

Total days off running: 7

Total training time in hours and minutes: 187:54

Daily training average in hours and minutes: 3:21

To give you a sense of the intensity of those minutes, here is my time spent in the various zones on the bike (running is similar):

Training Zones in California 70.3 Build Up