Tucson Training Camp

If you’re looking to get away for some warm weather training this winter then I encourage you to consider coming to the camp I will be coaching in Tucson Arizona from March 1st to 7th.  My coach Barrie Shepley will also be there, as well as numerous other Personal Best coaches. My intention for the camp is to get a lot of base miles in in all three sports. There are a lot of beautiful rides in and around Tucson and I would like to get through as many of them as possible throughout the week. One of the highlights for the week for me is riding up Mount Lemmon:


I also love going for a run along the pathway by our condos just as the sun is beginning to set:

Pathway Run

I have planned this week to be more of a down week in my own training, so we can focus on whatever you like. Over the last five years I have learned a lot about all three sports, from the movements themselves all the way to how to better prepare for them. Throughout the week I will share as much of this information as I can; theoretically, as well as practically. If there are certain areas of training, racing, recovery, etc. that you would like to focus on, we will do this. We will also eat good food, have lots of laughs, and work our tans. If you’re interested in attending please see the Personal Best website or contact Barrie at barrie@personalbest.ca for more information.

One of the highlights is always flipping over to do some backstroke at the Oro Valley Aquatic Centre and the mountains feeling like only a stone’s throw away:

Pool and Mountains

Hopefully I will see you under the Tucson sun soon.