Week in Review (Build 2, Week 1)

This was the first week of the New Year. Additionally, it was the first week with my new training zones determined from my second FTP test. As well, my right knee is feeling much better. Thus, I decided to write my second build on the bike in unison with my first build on the run (though I will refer to the whole thing as the second build). This build will culminate at the U.S. Pro Championship on May 3rd. In other words, I’ve got about 17 weeks to prepare. There is something about being relatively close to a race that makes it more real. Needless to say, I have been very motivated in my training as of late. This time round, on the bike, I will spend about 3 weeks in an ANEROBIC CAPACITY focused phase, 3 weeks in a VO2MAX focused phase, 5 weeks in a LACTATE THRESHOLD focused phase, and then another 5 weeks in a TEMPO focused phase. In running I will spend about 5 weeks in a VO2MAX focused phase, 5 weeks in a LACTATE THRESHOLD focused phase, and then another 5 weeks in what I like to call a TEMPO OFF THE BIKE phase.

During this build I will do things a bit differently. Instead of presenting all of my training data for the week, I think it will be of more value to pick one or two workouts from the week and discuss them in more detail. In other words, what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, any problems I’ve run into, any suggestions that may occur to me after the fact. My main purpose of writing this blog is to give you some ideas for your own training, and I think this new method will prove more useful to those of you reading.

This week I will present my second workout of the week. It happened to be my first brick workout since Muskoka 70.3 on September 8th 2013. It was intended to be:

  • 20 minutes warm-up
  • 14x45s@515w with 2:15 recovery
  • 15 minutes easy to:
  • 12k on the treadmill with the first 5k being a tempo effort

Here is a graph of the bike data:

Bike Data

First off, I should mention that I am no longer using the Quarq Cinco Saturn power meter, but am now using the Garmin Vectors. I love them already. Major thanks to Cycle Culture for getting me on them so quick! I am finding that they are much closer to the CompuTrainer numbers, which works out well because the CompuTrainer FTP data is what I am using as my training zones for this build. I programmed the CompuTrainer to hold 515w for each interval and here are the actual results of each interval according to the Garmin 500 and the Garmin Vectors:































Keep in mind that you have to accelerate up to the intended wattage, and then the CompuTrainer makes sure to hold the resistance level there, thus you are usually lower than your target wattage. That being said, my goal was to tax the Anaerobic Capacity, which for me starts at 476w and goes up to 594w, so I was well within this zone on every single repeat. These types of intervals are reminiscent of Vo2Max intervals, so I am not a big fan, but I do find they make pushing 350-380w a walk in the park, so I push myself to do them.

I should say that I initially intended on doing 10x1m@500w, but I learned a valuable lesson in my Vo2Max phase in my last build and decided to still do 10 minutes worth of work i.e. 14x45s, but for a shorter duration and a bit higher wattage, something I was more confident with being able to complete. Next week I may venture into the 1 minute range for these types of intervals.

Afterwards I biked easy for 10-15 minutes (I’m not interested in doing real high end bricks, yet), and then hopped onto the treadmill. I must say that I absolutely love having a treadmill right next to the bike; it will be a huge help when I start doing harder intervals in the coming months. As mentioned previously, I am coming back off an injury in my right knee, so I didn’t want to push things too much. I started at about 9mph and then increased it to 10mph by the end of 2 minutes. By 5 minutes I was at 10.5mph, and for the final mile I ran at 11mph. I went through 5k in 18:25. It’s not the fastest 5k I have ever ran, but I am very happy with it at this stage of the game. I then slowed the treadmill down to around 9.3mph and ran the remaining 7k. The whole 12k took 46:20. The best part was that my knee felt pretty good afterwards.

I will continue to do this type of brick for at least another couple of weeks, and slowly decrease the time it takes to run the 5k. By about mid-February I plan on instating a more pure-brick i.e. hard bike interval straight into hard run interval, but for now I am content with just being able to put in some decent quality off the bike until my knee is feeling 100% okay.

Next week I will write a similar post, but this time the bike segment will include some stuff in the Neuromuscular Power range (595w+), something that I have yet to include in my bike training. Check back to see how it goes!