Week in Review (Build 1, Phase 3, Week 5)

This week, of course, included a lot of resting and eating. It was completely planned that this weeks’ training would be very sporadic. I was happy to get in over 40 kilometers of running and 20 kilometers of swimming. As for biking here is what I was able to accomplish: Tuesday December 24th: OFF

Wednesday December 25th: OFF

Thursday December 26th: OFF

Friday December 27th: 40 minutes @260w

Saturday December 28th: 20 minutes @225w

Sunday December 29th: OFF

Monday December 30th: FTP Test (50 minutes total)

My knee was hurting all week, but was starting to show signs of improving by Saturday, so I decided on going through with the FTP test as planned. That will be the subject of my next post.