Week in Review (Build 1, Phase 3, Week 2)

This week was a bit disappointing. First off, towards the end of the week I had some obligations, so I knew training was going to suffer those days. I tried to plan around this though and got in a good chunk of training at the beginning of the week. I was headed to Windsor/Harrow (my home town) from Thursday until Monday and I had my girlfriend bring my bike and CompuTrainer down with her when she arrived on Saturday. I don’t know what happened, but when I plugged the CompuTrainer into my small laptop I had a very different experience from previous times. Suddenly the wattages I was holding previously were extremely difficult and the powermeter on my bike was reading over 30 watts higher than what the CompuTrainer was apparently holding. When I first got the CompuTrainer I had to call and have them explain to me how to edit the rider settings so that the heart-rate alarms would stop going off when my heart-rate went over 100. I only did this on my desktop (the computer I use the CompuTrainer on 99% of the time) so I think this may have had something to do with this, as the hear-rate alarms were going off the entire duration. For future purposes, I will call and write the process down so that I can do this on any different computers that I use. That being said, I got burned really bad on the workout done with my small laptop computer (Monday December 9th). First off, here is what I intended on doing this week:

Tuesday December 3rd: OFF

Wednesday December 4th: 60 minutes @ ENDURANCE

Thursday December 5th: 3 x (12 minutes @365w with 5 minutes recovery to 2 minutes @420w with 2 minutes recovery) (85 minutes total)

Friday December 6th: OFF

Saturday December 7th: 60 minutes @ ENDURANCE

Sunday December 8th: 105 minutes @ ENDURANCE

Monday December 9th: 3 x 15 minutes @ 365w with 5 minutes recovery (85 minutes total)

The week started off really well. I have reached the max duration (60 minutes) for my shorter ENDURANCE rides. On Wednesday, I held about 265w for the 60 minutes and had almost no heart rate creep. Any creep you do see is likely because I increased the wattage progressively as the ride went on. Here is a graph of the ride:

60 Minutes at ENDURANCE

On Thursday I successfully completed the intended workout of 3 times through 12 minutes @ 365w to 2 minutes @ 420w. This workout surprisingly was not that difficult. Interestingly, I can handle 2 minute intervals at Vo2Max, but anything over that and I really start to struggle. This was a good confidence boost. Here is a graph of the results:

Thursday's Workout

Unfortunately, things started to go downhill after that. On Wednesday I woke up with a bit of a pain in my knee. I am still very early into my run training and I may have pushed it a bit too hard on the downhill section of my long run on Tuesday. That being said, after pushing through a painful 4 kilometres on Friday, and then a painful 10 kilometres on Saturday, I decided to scrap the 60 minute ENDURANCE ride I had planned for Saturday night. Sunday I did manage to get in my long ride, but unfortunately I forgot to pack my heart-rate monitor, so there is not much interesting data to present there. Here is the graph regardless (I left the RPMs on to give it some substance):

Sunday Long Ride

I have been riding at around 245w for the long ride. I will continue to do this until there is virtually no heart-rate creep. I have a suspicion that there would have been very little in this ride, but I won't know for certain until next week. On Monday I had the odd experience I described at the beginning of this post. About a third of the way through the second 15 minute interval I had to abandon ship. My logic was that I would be better off doing the workout the next day (Tuesday) instead of failing miserable for another half an hour. Here is a graph of the results anyways:

Monday's Workout

Overall, the week ended on a disappointing note. When you are in a good training rhythm and you are sidelined by technical difficulties and injury it can be very disheartening. Unfortunately, due to stupid decisions, I will have to take a few days off of running now. Fortunately, it is still very early in the season, and I have come to find that these sorts of situations are often a blessing in disguise in terms of added recovery time.