Week in Review (Build 1, Phase 3, Week 1)

This was the first week of focusing on LACTATE THRESHOLD. I planned on maintaining a few VO2MAX intervals, but the vast majority of workouts in this phase will have a LACTATE THRESHOLD emphasis. The week went pretty good. I only got burned on one interval, and of course, it was at VO2MAX. Here is what I intended on doing: Tuesday November 26th: 60 minutes @ ENDURANCE

Wednesday November 27th: OFF

Thursday November 28th: 4 x 8 minutes @370w with 4 minutes recovery (70 minutes total)

Friday November 29th: 60 minutes @ ENDURANCE

Saturday November 30th: OFF

Sunday December 1st: 95 minutes @ ENDURANCE

Monday December 2nd: 3 x (10 minutes @370w with 4 minutes recovery to 3 minutes @420w with 3 minutes recovery) (87 minutes total)

The one set back was that I got a flat on my long ride. I have been riding just regular tires on the CompuTrainer and it finally caught up with me. The next day I went and purchased two indoor trainer tires. That being said, I only ended up doing a 47 minute long ride this week. Additionally, on the third VO2MAX interval in the workout on December 2nd, I got burned. Other than these couples of setbacks, the week went quite well. I intended on riding 372 minutes, but I only rode for 324 minutes, therefore I saw a 7% reduction in time spent on the bike from last week. Here is a graph of the ideal time spent in each zone, followed by the time I actually spent in each zone:

Ideal Chart


Actual Chart

Next week I think I will do things a bit differently. I think the wattages and workouts themselves are more interesting than just the raw data, so next week I will present the charts etc. from each workout. Additionally, I have yet to present a chart of my ENDURANCE rides, so I will do this as well.