Week in Review (Build 1, Phase 2, Week 3)

I started this week off with the poor thought process that I talked about in my previous post. I got burned on the workout on Monday November 18th, so I wanted to redeem myself on Thursday November 21st by doing 4 x 7 minutes @420w with 7 minutes recovery. I was unable to complete the second 7 minute interval without getting burned. Eventually I scrapped the workout and then wrote the blog post A Useful Insight. I did see the light after this workout, but the poor performance was too much to bear. I decided to chalk that workout up as one of my 55 minute EASY rides for the week, and the next day, Friday November 22nd, I would do a workout that should be more realistic. With the knowledge of my VO2MAX weakness held close, I decided to do 8 x 3m @420w. Surprisingly, this workout proved to be extremely hard as well! On the sixth 3 minute interval I thought I might get burned again! But there was no way I was having three bad workouts in a row, so I pulled myself together and finished it. It was a satisfying victory. Here is the graph of the results:

November 22nd Workout Results

That being said, I finally have some interesting pie charts to present! Due to calling the workout that I failed in a 55 minute EASY ride, my actual data looks a lot different from the ideal. First off, here is what I accomplished this week:

  • Tuesday November 19th: 55 minute bike @ EASY
  • Wednesday November 20th: OFF
  • Thursday November 21st: 55 minute bike @ EASY
  • Friday November 22nd: 8 x 3 minutes @420w with 3 minutes recovery (70 minutes total)
  • Saturday November 23rd: OFF
  • Sunday November 24th: 90 minute bike @ EASY
  • Monday November 25th: 3x(3 minutes @ 420w with 3 minutes recovery to 8 minutes @375w with 4 minutes recovery) (75 minutes total)

The total time spent on the bike was 345 minutes. Last week I spent 305 minutes on the bike, so I saw a 13.1% increase in time. Admittedly, I would not recommend calling workouts that go poorly your EASY rides, and then doing a slightly less hard workout the next day. That particular workout should have been easier, but in the end it was still extremely taxing because I had spent quite a bit of time at VO2MAX just one day previous. Regardless, it felt good to actually complete two workouts in their entirety, in the same week! Here is a graph of the ideal results followed by the actual results:

Ideal Chart


Actual Chart Revised

This concludes the second phase of my first build. It feels a bit like I sabotaged myself as I had only planned on doing six workouts in this phase, and two of them were far too difficult. Fortunately this lesson has been learned now, and not during my longer build-up leading into the U.S. Pro Championship. During that build I will spend 5 weeks focusing on VO2MAX, and this time acknowledge my weakness when I am writing the workouts. Next week I start my favourite phase: LACTATE THRESHOLD. This more closely resembles the demands of the races that I will be competing in. For me, this makes it easier to convince myself of the need to suffer at the intended wattages.