Week in Review (Build 1, Phase 2, Week 2)

I am extremely behind in my week in review posts. It has been a very busy last couple of weeks, with a few banquets to attend, quite a lot of coaching, as well as assignments coming due. I have also resumed running and upped the swimming, so free time is becoming hard to find. Also, I am doing a talk on mental health in a little over a week, so that is weighing heavy on my mind as well. But, enough with the excuses, from now on I will try my best to set aside time each week to do this. This was the second week of my VO2MAX focus phase. I can sum my thoughts up on it for you in one sentence: “I HATE VO2MAX!!!!!!” That may be another reason I have been neglecting my weekly reviews (denial?). Anyways, here is what the week of Tuesday November 12th to Monday November 18th looked like for me:

  • Tuesday November 12th: 50 minute bike @ Easy
  • Wednesday November 13th: OFF
  • Thursday November 14th: 4x(3 minutes @420w with 3 minutes recovery to 5 minutes @375w with 2 minutes recovery) (75 minutes total)
  • Friday November 15th: 50 minute bike @ Easy
  • Saturday November 16th: OFF
  • Sunday November 17th: 80 minute bike @ Easy
  • Monday November 18th: 2.5x(5 minutes @420w with 4 minutes recovery) (50 minutes total)

This week I spent 305 minutes on the bike. Last week I spent 292 minutes, so I saw a 4.5% increase in time. This small increase is planned. The VO2MAX phase is very taxing, and so increasing mileage during this phase is not very smart. I will hold off on large increases until I am in the LACTATE THRESHOLD phase, though I am starting to approach the maximum weekly time I will spend biking in this first build.

The most interesting part of the week came on Monday November 18th. I have already written a post about this experience, but I will describe that ride again. I was able to complete the 3 minute bouts @420w on Thursday November 14th, so I thought I would really try and make things difficult for myself by increasing the duration to 5 minutes. With hindsight this was a stupid decision, and ultimately was a wasted workout. I failed to acknowledge that VO2MAX is a weakness and that I should be very slowly increasing the wattages and durations, so that over an extended period of time I can work to eliminate the weakness. That being said, I intended on doing 5 minutes @420w five times though, but was only able to complete two in their entirety. Midway through the third one I had to end the workout prematurely as I was just putting myself at high risk of injury.

I would like to say I learned my lesson with this workout, but instead I carried this poor thought process over into the next week. Here is a graph of the ideal week followed by the actual percentage of time spent in each zone:

Ideal Chart


Actual Chart

Admittedly, the charts do not look as bad as I thought they would. The reason is because in the workout that I cut short, the amount that I cut short was fairly proportional to the time I cut the workout short by. The workout was initially supposed to be 5x5m @420w which would have taken me 65 minutes to complete. The actual workout was 2.5x5m @420w which took me 50 minutes to complete. Had I continued to bike at ACTIVE RECOVERY until 65 minutes, the graphs would better indicate how the week actually went. Regardless, I learned a lot about myself this week, so it's not so bad after all.