Week in Review (Build 1, Phase 1, Week 2)

In this post I will present last week's training. The week started on Tuesday October 22nd and ended on Monday October 28th. Here is what it looked like:

  • Tuesday October 22nd: 35 minute bike @ EASY
  • Wednesday October 23rd: OFF
  • Thursday October 24th: 4 x (1 minute @ 465w with 2 minutes recovery to 45 seconds @ 475w with 1.5 minutes recovery to 30 seconds at 485w with 1 minute recovery to 15 seconds at 495w with 30 seconds recovery) (60 minutes total)
  • Friday October 25th: 35 minute bike @ EASY
  • Saturday October 26th: OFF
  • Sunday October 27th: 65 minute bike @ EASY
  • Monday October 28th: 20 x 30 seconds @ 510w with 1 minute recovery (62 minutes total)

The total time spent on the bike was 257 minutes. I intended on spending 135 minutes at EASY pace. I also intended on spending 20 minutes at ANAEROBIC CAPACITY, and the rest of the time would ideally be spent at ACTIVE RECOVERY. I summed up all of the time I spent in the various zones according to the data I uploaded to TrainingPeaks. Here is a pie chart with the results (in % of total time):

Zone Data Actual

And here is a pie chart of the ideal situation i.e. if I had spent the intended times in the various zones:

Zone Data Ideal

I am still getting used to the CompuTrainer so I think as time goes on I will get closer and closer to the ideal. All in all I am happy with how the week went. I had an 18% increase in total time on the bike, which is about where I wanted to be. I will continue this sort of progression until my EASY rides are around 1 hour, my workouts are around 1.5 hours and my long ride is about 2 hours. As mentioned previously, I am training for an imaginary 60k time-trial, and so these are the volumes I feel will allow me to perform well in this particular event. Next week is my last week focusing on ANAEROBIC CAPACITY, and then we get into more VO2MAX focused stuff, which is what I find most difficult. The fact that I shy away from VO2MAX workouts is a good indicator that it is a weakness, and thus must be focused on.