Today's the Day!

Blogging about my journey in the world of triathlon is something I have been meaning to do for several years. Well, today is the day! My motivation for writing this blog is twofold. First off, I would like to have a place where people who are interested in my journey can go to find the latest happenings in my training and racing. Secondly, I have entered into a partnership with RacerMate, the producer of the industry-leading cycling training device called the CompuTrainer. I thought it would be interesting (and useful) to document my use and progression with the device from day one. Many of the top professional triathletes in the world train on the CompuTrainer, but what is even more interesting is the fact that they offer a Performance Improvement Guarantee! I am excited to spend an entire winter on the device and see what kind of performance gains I can achieve. I plan on documenting my use of the CompuTrainer in its entirety, including wattages, workouts, etc.

One of the cool features of the CompuTrainer is its Interactive Real Course Video. In order to utilize the feature to its fullest extent I have purchased a video projector. Additionally, my understanding girlfriend Erin is allowing me to paint one of the walls in the office/training room white so that I can project the image to a size of about 120”. I haven’t done much biking over past winters, but I have a feeling that this winter it will be difficult NOT to bike!

The next few days will be spent getting familiar with the device, mounting the projector to the roof, painting the wall, etc. but I plan on starting my cycling training on the CompuTrainer on Tuesday. Next season (2014) my main focus will be on qualifying for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Mt. Tremblant, Quebec. My first race in this endeavor will be the U.S. Pro Championship in St. George, Utah. This means that I will need to establish my training wattages for at least the next several months, and I will do this by following Allen and Coggan’s FTP testing protocol. I will perform this test on Tuesday, and that will be the subject of my next post. Check back Wednesday for the results!

Picture with CompuTrainer